To be released in early to mid-2013: The Lipstick Mystic's® Guide to Healing Money Problems and Overcoming Negative Financial Conditioning

Are you ready to do some serious digging to find out why you aren't as financially successful as you would like to be?

Are you willing to confront some explosive and uncomfortable truths about how your family, your community, and other beloved groups have had a negative financial impact on you -- even if you grew up in a loving environment with people who adored and supported you?

Are you interested in delving into some deeper metaphysical territory and rooting out all toxic beliefs, all negative tribal thoughtforms as well as ancient, ancestral energies that could be sabotaging your financial well-being?

Are you ready to remove all those emotional and psychic "boobytraps" that are holding you back from materializing money, success, and opportunities for yourself on the physical plane?

Then I have some great news for you!  I'm creating a kickass book that addresses all these things. It includes my earlier, popular Money Materialization Course, as well as lots of additional, groundbreaking material.

The Lipstick Mystic's® Guide to Healing Money Problems and Overcoming Negative Financial Conditioning is the culmination of my work counselling over 10,000 clients in my private psychic counselling practice as well as my work with hundreds of others in my role as a shamanic healer.

Here are some of the exciting things you'll learn about in this book:

orb  Do you know that you may have taken many "vows of poverty" in this lifetime -- and possibly earlier lifetimes -- which are constantly holding you back from having a positive attitude about receiving money?  These vows can act as overriding mechanisms that quietly sabotage you when you go to a job interview, ask for a raise, or attempt to attract clients to your business. If you don't learn how to clear them from your system on both a physical and energetic level, your financial situation will never improve. And even if you DO win the lottery one day, you're likely to lose all your riches in a short amount of time because you will unconsciously sabotage yourself.

In this book, I teach you all about these vows, contracts, and subconscious agreements that you've made to be poor or to remain powerless about money. After you clear them out and release these vows, money energy can flow more freely in your life, and you'll find it a lot easier to shift to a more abundant reality.

orb   Do you know that there is a core baseline of financial energy in your life that can be measured -- and it has nothing to with how much stuff you own or how much money you have in your bank account?  This baseline is the sum of many factors in your life, including what kind of attitudes your parents had about money, what your schooling taught you about money, and what your friends thought about money as you were growing up and coming of age. After you find your own baseline, you will know where you stand and how much work you still have to do to increase your financial energy. Shift this baseline even slightly, and you can see truly miraculous changes in your life!  I'll show you exactly how to do this.

orb   Everybody receives financial conditioning as a child, and this usually ends up working against you instead of helping you. The classic conditioning that many Baby Boomers dealt with was when they were conditioned by their parents to always be worried about money, or to always believe in scarcity, because their parents survived the horrors of the last Depression. Many Baby Boomers have found it terribly difficult to have a more abundant, relaxed, and miraculous flow with money because they absorbed intense "scarcity conditioning" while they were impressionable children. But even if you had wealthy parents, they have conditioned you to limit your possibilities and have prevented you from achieving financial well-being YOUR OWN WAY because they will have "programmed" you to believe certain things about money. I'll teach you how to identify your core financial conditioning and transmute or release it.

orb   There are also "accepted norms" which we incorporate into our core, essential self as we grow up. We learn to accept certain financial "truths" which may have been true for our parents, our family, or our neighbors, but might not be ideal for us as we become adults seeking out our own path in life. If you grew up living in the projects in the inner city and saw that selling drugs or selling your body for sex were the only ways to get money, and everybody around you did this, even if you end up going to college and pursuing a more "legitimate" career, the unwelcome energy of those old "accepted norms" can still have an effect on your life. These energy patterns will tend to recreate themselves in your life, often in surprising ways, because you are still in "resonance" with them.

Some other accepted norms include "Women have no value in the material world other than their ability to have children and maintain a home;" "You have to work HARD (and suffer emotionally or spiritually from vital energy loss) in order to have money;" and "You need to spend a lot of money on college degrees before the world will value you financially." These "norms" have a way of worming their way into your subconscious where they act as lifelong boobytraps whenever you make decisions in your life which go against or challenge these norms. I'll teach you how to clear them out and remove their influence.

orb  Your earliest experiences with acquiring money have a HUGE impact on your financial future. Young people are pretty much conditioned to be poor because adults usually pressure them to take those thankless "odd" jobs like waiting tables, doing yardwork, or babysitting. While there is nothing WRONG with these jobs, many of them involve an incredible amount of stress, a huge outlay of physical and/or emotional energy, and an insultingly low pay rate. We are literally training our young people to embrace poverty and soul-draining jobs as "normal." Chances are that, early in your working years, you worked many jobs in which you unconsciously absorbed this equation:  "Earning money = pain and suffering."

So guess what happens when you try to establish yourself in other types of careers? If you have this programming going on, it sabotages you, and you'll end up attracting jobs where you constantly feel drained or exhausted, and for all that hard work, you don't make much money, anyway.

I'll never forget when I started doing psychic readings part-time while also working as many jobs as I could find as a professional actress and singer. I quickly discovered that as a psychic counsellor in my own private practice, I could set my own rates. I started out giving readings for $30, then $50, then $90. As I went full-time with my practice and my fame grew, I could charge as much as $250 for a detailed reading or consultation. I wasn't limited by a boss telling me how much I was worth -- and I set my own hours, too. To even find myself living in that reality was incredibly freeing and uplifting, and it's why I remain self-employed to this day.

But when you have the cajones to say "I have a valuable skill, and I deserve being paid an abundant sum of money for what I do," it can create shockwaves. You suddenly see everybody else's dysfunction around money because they are used to having an outside entity like a boss assess their worth. And you're not doing that. You're raising financial energy of your own, independent of external input from other people, and saying, "I am worth XXXX amount of money." So many people criticize you, act jealous, get snippy, and hope that you'll fail.

These "sour grapes" are all signs that those people still have LOTS of rotten financial programming going on, and the simple act of you selling your services or your products is something they perceive as a "threat." And it IS a threat to them. You're threatening their poverty consciousness, their limited beliefs about how much money a person can draw into their life. You're also daring to challenge that core notion that "Earning money = pain and suffering." Because if you're running a business that you own and enjoy, you threaten the foundation of their livelihood. They've invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in the belief that work should be hard, jobs aren't any fun, and you never get paid as much as you want no matter what you do. And you're basically telling them, through living your life a different way, that they're full of moose poop! smiley No wonder they're upset.

This Book is for You If. . .

Wouldn't you like to learn how to release and cancel all that "garbage programming" that so many people suffer from when it comes to money so you can begin to unlock your own unique path to career satisfaction, greater achievement in the physical world, and increased financial abundance?

That's why I've created this book! I know you're ready for it.

If you're someone who has already developed an interest in "mind over matter" techniques like applied faith, power prayer, meditation, affirmations, spiritual healing, or creative visualization, then you might be ready to take things to the next level and discover the hidden sabotage mechanisms and "scarcity programming" that can make it difficult to experience positive change even if you're already working hard with your affirmations.

Learning how to do affirmations and visualizations is great, but it's rather like the "101" or beginner's level of learning how to manifest. My earlier Money Materialization Course, included within this book, takes you to the "201" or advanced level, building upon what you've already learned about affirmations, but giving you more advanced tools to increase their effectiveness.

If you're interested in raising the overall quality of financial energy in your life, which in turn can help you attract and magnetize much better job prospects, career possibilities, and cash flow, then I encourage you to check out my new guide.

To receive free chapters when the book is coming out and to be notified when it's available for purchase, I'd like for you to visit my main website. It's called There you'll find my sassy blog with cutting edge self-healing articles, rants, and other cool stuff that I post, plus you'll find a sign up form for my free Lipstick Mystic® News. If you're on my mailing list, you get all the good stuff -- free reports, free book excerpts, and -- most importantly -- my positive mojo!

It's Time to Get Real

For over 20 years I've been working with groups and individuals, helping them confront toxic thoughtforms, negative programming, societal or tribal mind control, and other conscious and subconscious influences which can prevent them from being financially successful.

I'm not going to lie to you. This is INTENSE work. It can get a little "dirty" as you dig down into the dirt of your past and clear out the debris that tends to muddy your clarity as you attempt to use techniques like affirmations to improve your life.

As a holistic healer with a background both as a professional psychic and a shamanic healer, I've learned to see how certain metaphysical problems can manifest in your energy body -- that invisible mass of energy or "aura" that exists as a kind of envelope surrounding your physical body. And when there are problems at that level, your physical health, emotional well-being, and even your financial stability can suffer.

Thanks again for visiting, and best wishes for you to experience greater abundance on every level! I look forward to sharing my new guide with you when it's ready this spring (2013).

best wishes


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